Fenriz for Actual Pain


Fenriz for Actual Pain

When I saw Book of Black Earth last month, TJ and I were talking about music when he let it slip that Fenriz was doing a mixtape for Actual Pain. Well, here it is and here’s a lil something from the man himself:

Fenriz, April 30th

“Every time I heard this “Total Eclipse” by Alan Parsons, I thought “I gotta use this in a mix, it’s got that perfect space Odyssey 2001 vibe, kinda like the long version of the intro to Celtic Frost’s “Into the Crypts of Rays”. It’s cold.

So I go from cold to beautiful but still lo fi sad/melancholic on the “Without Reason” track from Pegase. One of the best songs I heard last year. To tie it up to Christian Death, I needed a middle song, a bridge. and I found that in “Nowa Aleksandira” by Siekiera, like is it punk, is it new wave, is it goth…and the tempo works well with the previous Pegase track..and so comes the Romeo’s Distress, long time favourite of mine since I discovered it in the 80s, a DJ favourite of both me and Einar from INFERNÖ/BEYOND DAWN, VIRUS etc. The whole album is a scorcher.

Then since the tape should only be 30 minutes long, I needed a short link to something more metal, and after Christian Death I’d have to go with Septic Death or Rudimentary Peni, i thought. I got that rudi-track from a fellow music freak from Australia (hi Andrew) and that track is so instant. Before the behemoth of “Sight of the Wise” with Sacrilege. Everyone plays their 1st album, I usually go on about the 2nd one as the rifforama on it is priceless – it was hard to get into as a kid but that album is the gift that keeps on giving. I get totally lost in it. Then to just continue the WHAT IS IT style, i blast the first track of the Sindrome demo from 87/88, this was the vocalist of Chicago gods Devastation’s new band, and one of the most professional demos of the 80s. I’ve been playing it for 21 years straight!

So, as a weird break and link to both the eerie intro AND the organ on the before mentioned Sacrilege track, I shoot in one heavy psalm that a master DJ here in Oslo burnt me, totally obscure vinyl oldie… and it continues with the intro to the recently discovered “At the Mountains of Madness” by Blackfeather, thanks to Peter in Wolf 359 for showing me that shocker from 1971.


Download the mix here