Faction Cycling Co: Velospace T-Shirts


Faction Cycling Co: Velospace T-Shirts

I’m sure most of you use or used Velospace at one point in time. Faction Cycling teamed up with the online bicycle library to create a few t-shirts. Check out the press-release below:

Velospace has one goal: to connect bike enthusiasts.

In 2005 they began by giving cyclists the framework for an online community. And build, they did. As Greg, the site’s founder puts it, “The growth of the site has been amazing. New users, new bikes, new connections and new ideas have all grown exponentially.”

Over the winter we met Greg and he asked us to create a line of Velospace merchandise, as the community was asking for VS Gear. We set out to create something that goes beyond branded merchandise, and both celebrates and involves the community that makes Velospace what it is.

We’re proud to announce the launch of this collaboration with Greg and the users of Velospace. Keep an eye out for upcoming Velospace gear including t-shirts, caps and accessories, as well as some interesting design collaborations with the community itself. You’ll have to be registered at Velospace to participate, so go get yourself signed up at velospace.org

Head over to Faction to see the goods!