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Recreation as a Resource: The Sierra Buttes Lost and Found

“The Forest Service deals with resources and we need to convince them that recreation is another resource.” This quote, from Lost and Found founder Chris McGovern really resonated with me the entirety of my stay in the Lost Sierra. Is recreation a resource? Can it be? Should it be? Over the years, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship has been fighting the good fight, working alongside the US Forest Service, a subsidiary of the Department of Agriculture, who deals with our nation’s resources, from wood to minerals and even water. The federal government monitors how each state manages its resources. (more…)

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Road Trippin’ Out to Bend for the Chris King Swarm with Crow’s Feet Commons

As the snow melts in the high desert of California, Nevada, Oregon, and the rest of the West, small towns like Bend, Oregon begins to welcome the influx of mountain bikers thirsty for a hefty serving of dirt, before the sun cooks it into dust. It just so happens that Memorial Day weekend in Bend has historically been prime for such a feast of trails.

Years back, the Chris King Gourmet Century was held in this mountain town, tapping into not only the vast amount of singletrack but also the food culture. While the Gourmet Century brought about a lot of good times, it ultimately was a lot of work, eventually causing the brand to move onto more low-key, informal gatherings. That’s where the Swarm idea came from. In short, Chris King wanted to engage with the community of Bend, one of their local dealers, Crow’s Feet Commons, and do it in a lower-stress environment. It was open to the public and best of all, free.

As the invites were posted on social media and this website, none of us knew exactly how many people would show up. Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, the town of Bend was busting at the seams already with tourists and mountain bikers seeking solace on the trails of this mountain bike mecca. Our trip to the event began in Los Angeles, where we loaded up the Cruiser with everything we’d need to camp, ride bikes, hike, and document the happenings. Two days later and we were rolling into the sleepy town of Bend, just prior to the three-day weekend and the first ever Chris King Swarm. (more…)

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Humbled by the Hook: a Collection of Tales from Team Stanridge at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn

Humbled by the Hook: a Collection of Tales from Team Stanridge at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn
Photos by Luke Atkinson, words by Evan Hartig with quotes credited.

On Saturday, April 28th, tens of thousands of fans descended on a large asphalt parking lot on the western edge of Brooklyn. The occasion: Red Hook Criterium #11. Some were there for the crashes, some for the skinsuit clad superheroes (and supervillains), but all were there for the party surrounding the raucous spectacle of fixed gear criterium racing. By the end of the night, many an athlete had left pieces of themselves on the brutal tarmac, especially once the skies opened and rain pelted the already-technical course with 10 laps to go in the men’s final. A select few left with the glory of a successful race.

Gone is the stoicism and pseudo-ego of a road race. Why isn’t the field tenser? The course is dark, soon to be saturated with rain from the storm cell currently hovering over Manhattan. No brakes, no freewheel. Maybe the whole concept is so absurd one simply has to be relaxed. Delusion? Maybe. (more…)

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Speedvagen’s California Fit Tour

Speedvagen is super excited to travel south for another round of their official Speedvagen California Fitting Tour. While on the road, they will be sharing stories of steel bikes, stopping to surf along the way, and enjoying the California sunshine on some rides. First up is a stop in San Francisco at Taylor Stitch, June 22nd-25th.

‘Vagen will then head south and set up at Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles, from June 28th-30th. There will be events, bikes on display, as well as doing fittings for new Speedvagen customers at both locations. If you are in the area, stop into either location to learn everything you’d like to know about the brand, the bikes, and the people who make the wheels spin at their Portland-based shop.

Spaces are filling up fast so reach out to [email protected] to book your fitting spot.

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Do Not Miss the Jay Bird Films and Tumbleweed Bikes Project – El Silencio: Cycling the Peruvian Andres

The poster for the tour, designed by @horizonlines is available at the screenings

Tonight’s premiere of El Silencio: Cycling the Peruvian Andes at Golden Saddle was excellent. The visuals, story, and cast of characters are as memorable as the scenery. Seeing these vignettes in video is an exceptional experience, especially after seeing so much of Ryan Wilson’s photography work from the area over the years.

Do not miss this film as it tours the West Coast of the US. Future screenings are on the way, along with an eventual web-release.

Here’s the press-release from Tumbleweed Bikes:

“Cycling the Peruvian Andes, a Jay Ritchey Film. El Silencio brings the viewer along through the highs and lows of four cyclists as they traverse the mountainous Peru Divide bikepacking route, and was filmed entirely by bike. Joining the tour are: Jay Ritchey, filmmaker; Daniel Molloy, owner of Tumbleweed Bicycle Company, and Pepper Cook, adventure cyclist. A Q&A session will be held following the film for those interested in learning more about bicycle travel, bicycle design, and more. We hope you will join us!”

Tour dates and tickets listed below:
● May 5, Ventura, CA: Ventura Bike Hub
● May 8, Oakland, CA: Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe
● May 9, Fairfax, CA: Marin Museum of Bicycling
● May 11, Portland, OR: Velo Cult
● May 15, Seattle, WA: Swift Industries @ The Rhino Room

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Win a Firefly Frame at D2R2’s Raffle

For three years now Firefly Bicycles has worked with the Boston-area’s D2R2 ride and this year, they’re putting up a frame plus an ENVE fork to raffle…

“Firefly Bicycles is thrilled to donate a custom Titanium All-Road frameset to the D2R2 raffle. D2R2 is an unmatched ride that combines some of the best riding in the country with great organization, delicious food, drink, and a reunion of friends from all over coming together for the love of bikes and to help preserve the land on which we are so lucky have the pleasure to ride. It is our honor to partner with this extraordinary event for the third year in a row.”

See more at D2R2.

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