Event Recap: Weedeater at Webster Hall


Event Recap: Weedeater at Webster Hall

Mankind is unkind, man!

I’m gonna make this real brief; Weedeater is everything that rules about the South. If you missed the show tonight at Webster Hall, you missed what it’s like to have real metal grace the forbidden land above the Mason Dixon line. The Nine Toes Tour is the epitome of what every sludge, doom, or crust band tries to emulate but falls short on. If you’re following my Twitter, you may have caught a bit of my stoked rantings tonight. I was in heaven. Such an awesome show! When it comes to your city, don’t miss it. Bring Dave a bottle of ‘Tussin while you’re at it.

I’ve uploaded the rest of my photos from tonight here, on my Flickr.

Tonight in NYC: Weedeater at Webster Hall