ESPN: Empire BMX’s Bad Idea Premiere Photo Gallery


ESPN: Empire BMX’s Bad Idea Premiere Photo Gallery

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Photographer Sandy Carson took the reigns and covered the premiere of Empire BMX‘s Bad Idea on Saturday night for ESPN. You can check the rest of the gallery out right here. So how did it go? Well, the line wrapped around the block by 8pm and as the crew waited on Dave Parrick to deliver the file, we all sat outside for an extra hour or so.

Once they loaded us indoors, Joe Rich played a new video that he made for Odyssey featuring Tom Dugan and Mike Aitken, which was done really well and in typical Joe Rich means, was a little out of the ordinary. Once that was over, the file showed up and the crowd was alerted that it was a rough, rough cut. Many of the riders were missing titles and the friends section was incomplete. As for the riders, Kevin Porter’s section was off the fucking wall. Big hitters like Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and Tom Dugan destroyed their parts but Dugan’s section was my favorite. It took a few years to pull together but the team is pleased with the progress they’ve made in the past few weeks.

Watch for the DVD in its final form, in early 2012.