Esker Cycles Announces Ride Scholarship Program


Esker Cycles Announces Ride Scholarship Program

Esker Cycles is excited to announce a new ride scholarship with the purpose of enabling more people to get outside on mountain bikes.

This summer, Esker Cycles wants to help get you out on the trail. With the Esker Ride Scholarship, we are providing a selected applicant the opportunity to receive a new Esker hardtail mountain bike to help them get out and do anything that they can dream up such as planning their next multi-day adventure or simply enjoying a first-time experience on a mountain bike.

We understand that there are barriers to entry within our sport, one of them being the upfront cost of purchasing a bike to ride. With this ongoing scholarship, we hope to be able to reduce those barriers ever so slightly in the best way that we know-how—by offering a bike to a rider that could use it and providing an opportunity to get out and ride.

Anyone that would like to apply should fill out an application at by July 31 to tell us why they think they would be a good fit for the ride scholarship, and what they plan to do with a new Esker hardtail mountain bike. Esker is especially encouraging newer riders with a vision for a particular ride or adventure and an interest in telling their story to apply.

It is expected that the selected applicant will carry out their ride or adventure within a year of receiving the bike, and that they will share their mountain biking experience with us through the medium of their choice. The selected rider will receive a Hayduke or Japhy in the size and color of their choice.

Esker started with a mission of getting more people outside on bikes, and this ongoing scholarship is just one small way for us to continue with that mission, and to enable more people to enjoy the sport of mountain biking like we do.

For more information on the program, and to apply, head to