Equipment Malfunction


Equipment Malfunction


Today’s been busy. There’s a crew of people coming in town for the NACCC and when I woke up to a filled inbox, I decided to go on a quick road ride. Even if I only have an hour to kill, I’ll do this loop. So I pumped up my tires, checked everything and headed out to the hills. Halfway up Terrace Mtn I decided to stomp on it, rather than upshift on the cassette. Seconds later, I hear a familiar sound. The bike locks up, sending me over the bars on a steep climb.

I crabwalk at 15 mph and eventually fall to my side and when I turn around, this is what I see. So I’m sitting down, checking myself over. I didn’t land anywhere near to my head but I was a bit sore. One thing riding fixed freestyle has taught me is how to fall and how to bail off a bike. I had minor scratches but my bike looked like shit. The left hood was turned in and the rear wheel was laying there, ripped out of the dropouts. I put it back together and climbed to the top, knowing it would be easier than tracing back through the rollers.

The quick-releases I have on it are from my old Dura Ace hubs. They’re old and the “bite” teeth are worn. I’ve done this before but never ate shit so I always check the quick releases before I ride. One equipment malfunction like this and it’s enough to knock me down. Luckily I’m ok and my bike’s ok as well. A quick wheel true and it’s good as new.

Have fun riding but damn, be careful!