ENVE’s New Foundation Wheels are a Second-Tier $1,600 Made in the USA Wheelset with External Nipples

ENVE will always have their high-end wheelsets but to make the brand more accessible, they developed the all-new Foundation Wheels. These are their second-tier pricepoint products, made to the same standards as all their wheels, but with a few key differences. Think of them like the Force, or the Ultegra, when compared to Red or Dura-Ace on the road side and the XO1, or XT, to the XX1 and XTR on the mountain side.

These are still made in the USA, but feature external nipples, plus a pinch-flat resistant lip, and are backed by the same lifetime warranty as their standard wheels. On the mountain bike side, there are the new AM30 wheels (all-mountain), and on the road/gravel side, the 45 & 65 wheels.

These wheels have molded spoke holes, where the carbon weave is not penetrated, offering continuity in the structure, versus drilling, which ultimately weakens the material. During our discussions, we worked out launching these wheels on three framebuilder bikes, starting with a Falconer. Over the next few days, we’ll look at two more US-made bikes showcasing the new AM30, 45 and 65 wheels… For now, check out more information at ENVE and see the road launch video below!