ENVE Foundation Launch: Speedvagen’s OG Disc – Free Foundation 45 Wheel Upgrade

With the pandemic putting a halt to NAHBS and our post-NAHBS framebuilder ride/showcase in Sedona this year, we decided to pull something together with our friends at ENVE to commemorate their new Foundation 45/65 wheel launch. When ENVE moved into its new carbon manufacturing and testing facility, they worked hard to push the progression of carbon wheel design and manufacturing. Over three years later and thousands of hours developing, today they launched their Foundation Collection, a completely new wheel line that marks a new milestone in wheel design. In short, for those of us who aren’t interested in graphs or projections, ENVE launched a $1600 made in the USA wheelset and to help showcase these new wheels, we pinged three frame builders to showcase these wheels. The second in the series is Speedvagen with their OG Disc with a special introductory offer…

I loved riding and reviewing both the OG-1 and OG-Disc production bikes from Speedvagen. They had all the panache and performance of other Speedvagen models but with much less waiting for the delivery and at a reduced price. The word “lifetime” bikes get thrown around a lot but they truly are timeless road machines. For the ENVE Foundation Launch, Speedvagen chose the OG Disc bike to showcase the new 45 wheels.

To pass on savings to you, the customer, Speedvagen, and ENVE are offering up an exclusive offer to the first 11 customers of their OG Disc bikes. The package is for the price of a Stock Disc OG – $6295.00 – yet the customer gets a free upgrade to the Enve Foundation 45 wheels and a choice of a free ENVE Bar or Stem. This is a retail value of $1800.00.

The catch is, this deal only applies to the first 11 orders!

The stock spec is :
-Ultegra Mechanical Group (or upgrade to Di2, eTAP, etc.)
-ENVE Disc Road Fork clearance for 32s
-Enve Foundation 45 Wheelset W/ Enve Alloy Hubs
-Vittoria Corsa Control Tires 700×28
-Fabric Scoop saddle with Titanium rail
-Choice of free Enve Bar or Stem Upgrade
-Enve Carbon seatpost head comes standard
-Tons of next-level options
-(2020 colors available for $350 upgrade)
-Geometry Chart
-Turn around time is about 2 months if you size of RM Disc OG is in stock, if not your build will be fulfilled in the next production run.
-Starting at $6295 fully built

For a little extra protection in these times, the deposit is bumped up to $1000.00.

Holler at Speedvagen if you’re interested.