This Dude is Leaving Town in a Van


This Dude is Leaving Town in a Van


Hanson Little has become a pretty great friend over the past few years. If you’ve followed BMX at all, then his name might be familiar, having ridden for Mutiny and T-1.

While his days of “being pro” are behind him, he now spends his free time on a road bike, BMX or MTB, shredding trails, hips, ditches and the steep hills here in Austin to get his kicks.


This morning, Hanson left for a 12-month+ road trip, where he’ll be living out of a van and meandering around the nation’s greatest state parks, shredding everything in site. I shot some more photos of him in his new home, and will be posting a Ride Along segment next week.

Before he left town, I gave him a Yashica T4 to contribute some on-the-road content to the Radavist.


All I can say is I’m stoked for this guy… If you see him on the road, give him some love!