DT Swiss D 232 Alloy Dropper Cuts Price


DT Swiss D 232 Alloy Dropper Cuts Price

People balked at the price of the DT Swiss carbon D 232 dropper and well, we called it. The tech of the D 232 is now available as an alloy option. At 416g, compared to the D 232 One with a 369g claimed weight and a $566 price tag, the D 232 is the alloy alternative with a more affordable pricepoint of $369.

While marketed towards XC racing, these inverted droppers look to be a great option for those tired of hassling with saddle packs and dropper posts since the stanchion is inverted. DT Swiss calls this “Upside Drop”. To top it off, the D 232 is fully mechanical and offers 60mm of travel, which would be perfect for a loaded bike, across all size runs. Intrigued? Yes.

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