Dirt vs. Yellow Cab


Dirt vs. Yellow Cab

Photo by Massan Fluker

After getting hit last week (I was wearing a helmet) on my ride into work, riding past a site where a woman was killed on my ride home, seeing the “Nose Pivot Gone Wrong” video and Massan’s latest post, I’m really really really going out and getting a trick helmet this weekend.

That’s it. Life is too precious and I’ve been a bit of a hypocrite (ok, you win Morgan). So thanks to Kyle from Tracko and everyone else who’s been saying that I should be wearing a helmet. You’ve finally worn me down.

Dirt was hit by a yellow cab last week and is recovering slowly. I saw him a few days afterwards and he was pretty beaten up. Glad he is alive and doing well. Goes to show you how dangerous this city is to ride in.