Death Spray Custom: 70’s Style Box Lining


Death Spray Custom: 70’s Style Box Lining


Today is going to be filled with Beautiful Bicycles. There’s just so many out there on the internet today and my keyboard is already covered with drool! This new Death Spray Custom 70’s hotrod homage was on the Tokyo Fixed Gear blog the other day and I just found a photo of its box-lining on the Death Spray Custom blog. I love box-lining on bikes. Wet paint or powder, it just ads a level of classiness to any build. Usually custom paint jobs that involve “ridiculous seventies-style-candy-violet-and-turquoise-over-chrome-flake-with-scales design” might be too much but you throw in some box-lining and I’m sold!

Check out more at TFG and Death Spray’s blog!