Death Pedal 2 Atlanta Premiere


Death Pedal 2 Atlanta Premiere


This’ll be a rad time Atlanta! Be sure to be there. Here’s a few words from Kareem:

The Atlanta premiere of Death Pedal 2 is gonna be this Saturday. Be sure to come with some dough for the raffle, Eighth Inch is hooking up one of their Scramblers and Culture Bike shop is also donating a Volume cutter to one lucky winner. Thats right, TWO bikes to be won. Plus a grip of other prizes. 1 Ticket for $5 3 Tickets for $10. In addition to bringing palettes and plywood I also built a sweet grindbox and grindrail for the party so don’t forget to bring your bike.

Be there!

Oh and make sure you buy a DVD here. I got my copy in the mail yesterday and the bonus features are nutty. That poor cat!