Travel Simplified with the Crust Bikes Breakaway Lightning Bolt

As with all Crust Bikes models, they arise from necessity. The Lightning Bolt is no different. Matt from was on a mission to be able to fly and travel like he used to, but instead of the BMX bike, he wanted to roll with something a little bit faster. Something with bigger wheels that could get him from point A to point B with ease. He wanted to be able to pack it on a plane and roll from the airport to his destination. 

Using Ritchey’s Breakaway system, the process is simple and requires only two tools, a 4mm and 5mm Allen key.  Matt says he “was originally going to tour with a Brompton but they ride like shit, so why not make a batch of bikes”.  It’s not a bike for travel, but it’s a bike that can travel.

If you’d like a more in-depth glimpse into why Matt built this bike, be sure to check out the Crust Bikes blog! Matt hopes to have these in stock come October.

Does anyone else see this bike and immediately think Tracklocross?