Crihs and His Continuum Track


Crihs and His Continuum Track


Crihs is in town for the NAHBS and yesterday he and I did a bit of off-roading in the Greenbelt trails. When he told me he was only bringing his track bike, I knew he’d have a blast here but I also hesitated when I took him to the trails. Luckily for him, riding in NYC traffic, riding across the country on his track bike and winning Monster Track helps out when you’re navigating rock gardens. Halfway through the trails, we stopped to take a few photos of his Continuum track bike at the swimming hole.

Check out more below!


This is Crihs’ messenger bike and alleycat machine.


It survived one of the worst winters in years and is still a bit grimy from all the salt.


At least now it’s soaking up some sun!


Here’s Crihs, mean-muggin’ like a NY’r. Give him a few more days and he’ll be smiling, rest assured.