Courage Bicycles: Stainless Steel Track Ends


Courage Bicycles: Stainless Steel Track Ends

Photo by Courage Bicycles

You’ve seen the finished product before. Here’s a process shot from Courage‘s Flickr. There’s an interesting tidbit noted on the photograph; the silver is sweated out of the stainless steel inlay during the process. As the builder notes:

I pre-heat the part with the vice grip held in the vice, then hold it in my left hand when the silver starts to flow so I can make sure its evenly distributed. Sweating frees your hand from having to apply the filler rod.

This minimizes clean-up later and reduces the amount of post-process polishing. These are really beautiful photographs showcasing Courage’s frame-building process. Be sure to check the rest of them out here. What is in Portland’s drinking water? These bikes are gorgeous.

Courage Stainless
Coroflot on Courage