Chumba’s New Terlingua Titanium 700c or 27.5 All Road


Chumba’s New Terlingua Titanium 700c or 27.5 All Road

With its roots in the mountain bike industry, the Terlingua Steel set the stage for Chumba’s entry into the drop bar category. Consequently, the Terlingua has quickly become one of their best selling models. We’ve seen a handful of builds over the years, including Austin’s single speed at the Land Run 100. Well, the Texas brand is excited to announce the Terlingua is now available in Titanium as well as in Steel and all Chumba frames are Made in USA.

Check out the press release below!

The idea behind the Terlingua has always been to make an extremely versatile bike that can legitimately perform in a wide range of ride styles. To accomplish this we utilized sliding dropouts, carefully planned component compatibility and a fresh race proven geometry. The titanium version is meant to be a lighter and more responsive version of the steel Terlingua’s geo and tubing concept.

Frame Features
Covert Di2 integration is neatly hidden out of sight
Sliding Dropouts with short CX length to long big tire gravel length and everything in between.
425mm to 445mm Chainstay Length
Size specific BB drop to optimize crank arm lengths and rider weight for cornering and high speed gravel descending
Lowest possible mounted bottle cage mounts for 2 bottles interior of down tube leave room for half frame bag options or shouldering the bike with a bottle in the seat tube
Third bottle cage mount under down tube on all sizes
Saves 11oz of weight off of steel model (56cm frame)
Paragon Machine Works under down tube cable guides for 1x/2x/Rohloff and Single speed systems
Thought out cable routing offers smooth shifting and braking, no weird bends or adaptors needed
Down tube cable guides carefully mapped out so they don’t rub your arms during CX shouldering

Frame Clearance
Tire Clearance: up to 700×2.2” / 650Bx2.2”
Crank Clearance: Fits Dura Ace/ Sram Red / Easton EC90 cranks which are all narrow Q factor, so it can clear most any crank
Chainring Clearance: 53T doubles or 46T Oval singles.

Frame Specs
Made In USA
3AL-2.5V aerospace grade titanium tubeset, with 6/4 Yoke and sliding dropout
Hidden Di2 Compatibility
Bottom Bracket 68mm BSA English Threaded
Headtube Oversized for tapered forks
Headset ZS44/EC44
Sliding Paragon Machine Works Inserts can be run 142×12 thru axle or 135xQR
Rear disc brake options for 140PM / 160PM / Flat Mount
Comes with PMW Combo Head 142×12 Thru Axle
Seatpost 27.2mm
Axle to Crown 395mm +/- 5mm AC suggested
Offset 47-50 suggested

Graphics / Finish options
Lvl 1 A wide range of new decals are offered in Positive letters or band styles to customize the look and match components
Lvl 2 Paint customizations to the front triangle of the bike 4″ forward of the seat tube, raw rear of bike.
Lvl 3 Limited Edition Ice Blue Anodization available

What we were seeking to solve
Most bikes in the gravel category seem to either fit big gravel tires and be too long in the stays to be competitive at CX cornering. Oftn they only fit CX and smaller gravel race tires.

Most CX bikes have BB’s and geo’s that are unstable for high speed, making them on sketchy loose gravel descents. They typically can’t fit the volume needed for gravel and dirt touring conditions or clear mud with larger tires.

We keep noticing if bikes in these categories fit big tires they don’t fit big chainrings or road cranks. If they fit road cranks and rings then they don’t fit big tires…

Wouldn’t it be tight if you could have it all? Seriously though, is that too much to ask?? We didn’t think so either.

How the Terlingua is different
Building with titanium and steel we have more versatility to leave room to fit all of these options where materials like carbon and aluminum space seek to optimize strength by going big and taking up useful real estate. Our tubing is all oversized, but we don’t have to go as big as these other materials because titanium and steel are so strong already.

We brought our experience building versatile mountain bikes to this design and both of our Terlingua models fit road cranks with narrow Q factors while clearing 53T doubles or 46T singles. Big tires fit also, we planned compatibility for 700×50 into our steel model, the Ti fits even bigger, up to 700 x 2.1”. This all means lots of room for 650b plus tires up to 2.2” and you actually have mud clearance between the stays.

The Terlingua’s sliding dropouts, size specific bottom bracket drop, head tube and seat tube angles were our solution to bridging the gap between gravel and CX.

Frame only $2395
Frameset with Enve CX or G-Series Fork $2925
Pre-configured completes, with choice of wheelsets ranging from $4495 and up
Electronic Di2 Builds and Etap Available
Full Custom Component Selection Available

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