Chumba’s Made in Texas Terlingua All Road Bike


Chumba’s Made in Texas Terlingua All Road Bike

Named after a West Texas ghost town, the Terlingua, gets its namesake for the ability to traverse multiple road surface in this rugged part of the American West. Home of the Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest, the team at Chumba have fallen in love with riding there and wanted to design a bike that would be capable enough to handle the terrain, without compromising ride quality, or functionality. The Terlingua is a road bike, with large clearances, fit for dirt road riding, bikepacking and even ‘cross races. These frames are made outside of Austin, Texas and have all the boxes checked in terms of adaptability, they’ll fit a 700x50mm or 27.5″ equivalent, come in a variety of colors and pricing begins at $1450 for a frame. Check out all the details below and see more photos at Chumba!

CHUMBA Terlingua 700c/650b plus

The Terlingua is CHUMBA’s brand new 700c or 650b Road Plus ready design.

Folks have been asking us for a drop bar CHUMBA and we’ve been pondering what that would look like for a long time. The Terlingua is the culmination of feedback from our diverse team of riders and customer base. They asked us for a true gravel machine that they could bikepack on, win a cyclocross race on, fit massive road plus tires, clear big chainrings, and carry the blended feel of comfort and responsiveness that our steel frames are known for.

The Terlingua name comes from a Ghost Town, tucked deep in the American West, we travel there every year for Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest. There we enjoy days of trail riding with great people and have a yearly bikepacking Q&A. The name roughly translates to “three tounges”. Depending on who you talk to it refers either to the three languages of Native American, Spanish and English originally spoken there, or to the confluence of three waterways on the old maps. Terlingua to us means true versatility, the ability to Transcend Geographic Boundaries.

We’ve entered the fray with an unapologetically versatile design and we are not afraid to tell you what it can do and can’t. We designed a bike that:

·can handle any road terrain, bikepacking and light singletrack or cx
·has a balanced rider position on the bike across the size run
·is as fun on the road as it is off.

Versatility defined:

·Stainless Steel Hooded Dropouts from Paragon Machine Works: allows for the shortest possible 425mm cx style chainstay length and everything from 425mm to 445mm for gravel and bikepacking. Also, it can run thru axle, quick release, singlespeed, and Rohloff dropout inserts.

·Size specific bottom bracket drops chosen per size to allow optimal balance point for the rider and bike, paired to size specific crank arm lengths. The drop is designed to give great clearance on the loose gravel and allow aggressive cornering on the trail and for cx.

·Seat tube angles, ETT, and reach designed to optimize the front center of the bike to lessen or eliminate dreaded toe overlap common with other frames in the category while not forgetting how best to dial rider position on the bike.

·Thoughtful cable routing for a clean aesthetic and function, smooth cable actuation on shifters and brakes, all mounted with custom CNC’d mounts that can be planned to hold 1,2 or 3 cables. Cable free top tube and seatstays for easy shouldering.

·In our production meetings the phrase was uttered: “It’s easy to make a cx bike go straight, but you can’t easily turn a gravel bike 180º on a cx course.” Terlingua’s head tube angles that are typically .5º slacker (more stable) then common cx geo’s keep the frame from being twitchy at high speeds. Pairing this to our short 425mm-445mm sliding chainstay, means you can achieve the same short wheelbase of a cx bike, or lengthen that dropout and choose the perfect wheelbase for your gravel endeavor. The result is a gravel bike that steers predictably through super loose chunky gravel and has the capability to do much more than most gravel rigs on the market. On the CX side it has a really forgiving termination point during aggressive leaning, but can still rip a corner with the fastest CX bikes. It is more at home at higher speed CX racing.

·Low bottle cage mounts (inner triangle) for use with half frame bags, a third cage mount in under the downtube.

·Incredible tire clearance, up to 700c x 50mm tires. We recommend for best performance going with 650b when moving to road plus sizes above 45c.

·Mud clearance for days, oh yeah we have to do more than just fit big tires, you actually have to be able to use them!
·Q-Factor clearance for the fancy stuff, SRAM Red, Shimano Dura-ace, Easton Carbon Cranks etc.
·Chainring clearance for up to 52/36T and 46T 1x rings.
·For a limited time we are building these to order so we can add custom braze ons @ $30 per.
·For a limited time you can choose any color option we use as well as a few new colorways!

In-House Manufacturing

CHUMBA’s team has tested a variety of tubing options for the Terlingua through a number of working prototypes. The final design uses a custom blend of oversized double butted tubes some of which are heat treated. The CHUMBA Select tubing chosen creates stiffness at the bottom bracket, a predictable front end, and comfort in bumpy terrain. We’ve thought out wall thickness and butt lengths to maximize these performance characteristics in the bike.

CHUMBA welds every frame while purging the inside of the tubes with argon gas and we use heat sinks to dissipate heat from the frame and prevent tube distortion. Attention to precision mitering combined with this passion for perfection means each frame is built to last and is something to be proud to own and ride.

Building the Terlingua in-house, in small batches, means we can take the time to artfully craft every single bike. We have our own fixtures for tube bending, chainring dimpling, welding and mitering. Because of this we can deliver a wider diversity of geometry numbers designed to get the most performance out of each size of Terlingua. Every frame passes multiple quality control checks made by the same people you’ll talk to when you call to order.

Frame Specs:
·Oversized Headtube fits tapered or 1 1/8” forks
·395mm axle to crown with 47mm offset
·68mm BSA EnglishThreaded BB
·Tire Clearance for: 700x50c (2.0”)
·Optimal Tire sizes: 700x32c to 42c, 650bx40c to 50c
·Max Chainring:1x 46T, 2x 52/36T
·142×12 Rear Thru Axle or 135xQR
·Q-factor Clears Dura-Ace and Red/Force Cranks

Now available for pre-order!

Frame only $1450

Frame with Enve CX 100×12 Thru Axle Carbon Fork $1999

Custom Builds ranging from $3195 – to your wildest dreams

For a limited time, you can choose any color option we use as well as a few new colorways. Custom braze on locations are available also. We are offering a full range of sizes from 50-60cm. Frames fit true to size. Please contact us right away with any questions. Our current lead time is around 3 weeks. Geo and specs are below, lots more info soon coming to the site and via press release. In the meantime we welcome calls and emails for immediate questions.