Chumba Cycles Yaupon All-Terrain Drop Bar MTB


Chumba Cycles Yaupon All-Terrain Drop Bar MTB

Chumba Cycles just announced its newest model, the Yaupon Steel All-Terrain Bike. These frames and builds are made to order, in Austin, TX at Chumba’s facilities and are available for ordering today. Let’s look at this new bike below.

On Friday, June 24, 2022, Chumba will be showcased at the ENVE Builder Roundup, where another custom build of the Yaupon will be featured with a range of ENVE components. If you can attend the show, please stop by and say hey to the Chumba team.

Chumba’s ethos goes into every one of their frame designs and they always say the best bikepacking bikes are the ones you reach for on any given trail ride. The Yaupon is about making big possibilities into reality. An adaptable geometry and broad component compatibility will leave you enjoying this ATB on everything from singletrack to multi-day bikepacking or a long gravel grind.

The Yaupon stands out from other bikes in the ATB category with its 120mm fork capability and big tire clearances. A slacker head tube angle and longer reach are designed for use with a shorter stem & wider bars. A true dirt drop MTB! Chumba has been thoughtful to balance the geometry for off-road riding and singletrack. Throw on a rigid fork, and you’ve got an ideal setup for racing routes like Tour Divide or the Unbound XL. The Yaupon represents our thoughts on what makes the most comfortable all-day bikepacking bike that can still shred on any trail ride.

Ride Quality

  • The Yaupon steel is at home tackling technical trails, but foremost it’s meant for the longest rides in the most comfortable and fun way possible!
  • A slack 68º head tube finds the flow in rough terrain.
  • A steep seat tube angle and other geo numbers combine to keep the front end planted under difficult climbs.
  • A balanced bottom bracket is positioned to bring out the rest of the geometry and plant the bike in corners whether seated or floating.
  • The bike is spirited out of the saddle and rather huckable, but the comfort of the design allows for a long day seated.
  • The wheelbase offers great maneuverability picking lines on the trail and threading through in tight corners.
  • Smooth and predictable compliance from Chumba Oversized Select Double Butted Tubing, built of the best tubing available.

Build Quality

  • Made in USA quality, built in house in Austin, TX.
  • Seat-stays are custom diameter to each frame size for the smoothest ride.
  • Chumba Oversized Select Double Butted Tubing and PMW stainless steel sliding dropouts, mean this bike will exceed your expectations and provide years of reliable trail service. Oversized tubing yields larger tube miters for strength.
  • Clean thoughtful cable routing w/ stainless steel braze-ons. Including stainless top tube bag mounts & cargo cage mounts under down tube.
  • Flawless frame miters, all tubes are heat sunk and argon purged when welded to prevent distortion and material thinning.
  • Machined head tube for use with tapered or straight forks.
  • Many Frame customizations available.
  • Yaupon Steel Frame starts at 1,895.00+color choice.
  • Complete or partial custom builds or frame only options are available.

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