Chris King Announces Their Lifetime Warranty

I have a Chris King story. Do you? Well, I have a few Chris King stories and that’s because I own more than a couple of their products. In fact, most of my bikes have their headsets and hubs. My Retrotec is what I would consider the epitome of King’s reliability. This bike was built for NAHBS with the King 40th group: Hubs, headset, and even a stem faceplate. I still ride this bike as much as I can and still haven’t had to service anything, three years later. I really need to do an update gallery to the bike!

Knowing that now, King stands behind their products with a no-questions replacement warranty really sweetens the deal. King also now offers a lifetime warranty on their carbon wheels, including the Santa Cruz Reserve and ENVE wheels.

Head over to Chris King to see their Lifetime Warranty post!