Checking in On the Levi’s Viking Denim Jackets in SF


Checking in On the Levi’s Viking Denim Jackets in SF


Back in mid-April, I sat down with Jared from Levi’s and discussed their new commuting cycling line. At that meeting, we sketched out ideas for a Viking denim jacket and when I was in SF last week, I swung through the Levi’s Tailor Shop to check in on the progress.

Check out more photos below!


Here are the three final designs for the Levi’s Commuting Line. A jacket and two colors of the 511 commuting jeans. Each of these colors will be available in a high-end model and a lower-end model with only a few details offsetting the pricepoints. Before you ask, you can expect these soon! Also, I have a pair of the 511’s and they have a lot more room in the thighs than the traditional 511 cuts. After a day or two, they stretched out quite comfortably.


Now back to the Levi’s Tailor Shop. Jared and his team have quite the operation there. During the day, they custom assemble various clothing items. Everything from refurbishing vintage jackets and jeans to laptop cases and satchels. I even managed to pick up a denim mechanic’s apron.


Their shop is filled with vintage machines, some dating from the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Yards of fabric, threads and thread-bare flags line the shop’s walls.


And when I showed up, this was waiting for me.


Jared worked on discharge-printing the back patch for the custom-made denim jackets.


After one or two runs, we got the mixture just right.


Damn does that look good! We’re still working on how many I’ll be receiving and placement for other logos but expect these things to be bitchin’! I can’t wait to see the first few mock-ups. I took a ton more photos but am trying to keep the posts a little more succinct these days so head to my Flickr to check out more shots from the Levi’s Tailor Shop in SF. Or click through the slideshow below.

Levi’s Tailor Shop – Levi’s Union Square
300 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

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