Chari & Co: Navy SSCY Bandolier Bag


Chari & Co: Navy SSCY Bandolier Bag


Speaking of NYC brands, Chari teamed up with SSCY on a limited run of their popular Bandolier Bag:

“Nothing excites us more than innovation. At Chari & Co. NYC, we love companies and designers that push the limits, daring to come up with products that are both truly unique and highly functional. So, when the geniuses at SSCY asked us to collaborate with them on a Chari & Co. NYC-branded version of their Bandolier bag, we jumped at the opportunity. In our humble opinion, the Bandolier is the epitome of good ol’ American ingenuity. It’s a double-pouched, made-in-Brooklyn carryall that is perfect for those days on which a hip bag is too dinky but a messenger bag is too bulky. It’s extremely low-profile so you can wear it under a shell or jacket, and it’s perfect for hauling your board to the nearest skate spot. Best of all, it’s extremely easy to access either of the Bandolier’s pouches on the fly—just swing the bag around your body.”

Pick one up here.