Chari & Co: Japan Benefit Tee


Chari & Co: Japan Benefit Tee


Chari & Co is spearheading some relief effort for Japan.

“As you can probably imagine, the past few days have been hectic for us here at Chari & Co. We spent the weekend scrambling to get in touch with our friends, family members, customers, and business partners over in Japan. But, while each confirmation of a loved one’s well-being launched us into celebration, there are still a few people we haven’t heard from yet. And, of course, even those who are healthy still have plenty to worry about: rolling blackouts, a lack of transportation, fears of a nuclear meltdown, destroyed property.

Japan is no stranger to hardship. And we know that the Japanese people have the fighting spirit and iron will to get through this disaster. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need our help. So, in the next few days, Chari & Co. will release a special t-shirt to raise money to benefit the victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. We’re just a small bike shop half a world away from northeastern Japan–but we’re hoping that we can find a way to make even a tiny difference…”

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