Chari & Co and Osloh: Rounded Pocket Stretch Shorts


Chari & Co and Osloh: Rounded Pocket Stretch Shorts


This just in from Chari & Co:

“One of the most brutal winters in recent memory is finally in the books, and the pretty girls are starting to wear skirts and tank tops again. The sun is shining, and we know you’re starting to get dangerously overheated while cycling around town. And, while there are a lot of things to love about spring and summer, crotch rot and backpack-shaped sweat stains are not among them. That’s why we teamed up with Osloh, one of the most innovative cycling wear companies in the game, to bring you some totally unique shorts that will keep you cool when the mercury is rising.”

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Our Chari & Co. x Osloh shorts are perfect for urban cyclists. They’re made out of an antibacterial cotton/spandex blend and feature an internal chamois that’ll keep you comfortable while you hammer up hills and weave through traffic. And the shorts feature a huge 9-inch deep pocket that wraps all the way from front to back. The pocket is big enough to carry all of your flat-fix stuff (and more), so ditch your backpack and ride free all summer long.


Your legs are probably pale as hell right now. Do something about it.

Available only at Chari & Co NYC and United Arrows in Japan

98% cotton; 2% spandex
Double-logo shank waistband closure with shank button fly
Adjustable waistband snaps
Internal poly-suede chamois
Quilted seat reinforcement
Pen slot (right rear)
Snapped cell pocket (front)
Two lined front pockets
One lined rear pocket
A 9-inch deep pocket that wraps from front to back

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