Apparel Made in California

Let’s just say, I met the Cedar Cycling guys after chasing them down, ultra hungover at NAHBS. Neil and Jeremy have both been around the industry for long enough to know what they wanted in a cycling line. They wanted to create simple, classic cycling apparel, made to be worn everyday and they wanted to make by hand it in California. We got to chatting and immediately, I knew these two meant business. They showed me some samples of their merino garments and I was sold on the quality, right off the bat.

A couple of emails back and forth and the word “collaboration” was tossed around, so the last time I was in SF, I sat down with Jeremy and Neil to discuss a run of jerseys, all made in the USA and designed to be your go-to kit for year-round riding.

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The Cedar Cycling site is now live. Their first run of jerseys, merino base layers and tees are in stock now, ready to ship. Head over to check out the details.