Cane Creek: All-New Thudbuster


Cane Creek: All-New Thudbuster

Cane Creek’s Thudbuster was a game-changer for commuters and all riders who needed some compliance at their seat post when it first launched. Since then, it’s gone through various permutations and this week, the brand announced a series of updates to their trusty Thudbuster.

The new Thudbuster was designed specifically with e-bikes and daily commuting in mind, it includes 50mm of vertical suspension to significantly diminish shocks and impacts from rough roads. This increased travel is 50% more than the previous generation Thudbuster.

The Thudbuster is also now able to support riders up to 330lbs (150kg) and incorporates a tool-free, interchangeable elastomer system to quickly and easily adjust the seat post for a variety of rider weights. Installing and adjusting your seat on the new Thudbuster is easier than ever as well with a single bolt design that secures the seat with a few turns of a standard hex tool.

The Thudbuster comes in three post diameters, 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm in a black, two-tone, gloss and sandblasted finish with a laser-etched graphic on the side of the post.

The new Thudbuster ST will be included on the 2020 models of several Reise & Müller e-bikes including the Supercharger; Charger; Charger Mixte; Multicharger Packster 40, 60 and 80; Nevo; and Tinker.

The post is available immediately in Short Travel (ST) configurations, retailing for $169, through Cane Creek distributors and retailers or factory direct through the company’s website at A Long Travel (LT) version of the seat post will be available later this year.

Thudbuster ST Specifications

Weight: 580g for 31.6mm
Travel: 50mm of vertical compliance
Post Diameter: 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters
Length: 30.9mm and 31.6mm – 375mm overall length, 27.2 – 345mm overall length
Offset: 0mm
Materials: Forged aluminum post and arms, Natural hard-anodized aluminum axles with IGUS bushings
Adjustments: Tool-free elastomer change to quickly and easily accommodate riders up to 330lbs (150kg)
Seat Compatibility: Single-bolt seat installation