Burro Bar Opens in May


Burro Bar Opens in May


Radness ensues at the Burro HQ:

“I don’t if you guys keep up with current events but we’re opening a bar next month.


Yep, yep, yep. Burro and Jack Diablo have teamed up with the Shantytown Pub / Lomax Lodge crew of Ian Ranne, Marianne Purcell and Matt Hume to re-open the former London Bridge Pub in Downtown Jacksonville. If you’re not familiar without the location, there’s some interesting history over at Metro Jacksonville that’s worth checking out.

We are super stoked that this is happening and improvements have already begun on the interior. Right now we’ve got Duval Destroyer and Shaun Thurston, two long-time Burro collaborators busy fancying up the front room and main bar area. We’ve also recruited just about every artist/designer we’ve ever worked with on a project that is going to be extra awesome but we want it all to be a surprise.

Other notable changes to the operation include the installation of 20 taps that will always flow with the best beers in town and we’re even planning on pouring up draft root beer for the non-drinkers. Live music and special events will play a large role in the way we bring folks through the door. Rather than shoulder the burden ourselves we’ll be sharing booking duties with some of the already established “agents” here in town but if you’d like to play or set up a show, feel free to email Jack.

Oh yeah, we’re calling it BURRO BAR.”