Brooklyn Machine Works: 130mm Rear Launchpad


Brooklyn Machine Works: 130mm Rear Launchpad


When I was in Brooklyn Machine Works the other day photographing the Gangsta Track 2.0 Joe told me to come back on Friday for another surprise. In the middle of Interbike preparations, I rolled over to the shop and was presented with this beauty. At first glance, it looks normal, but there’s one defining feature that sets this bike apart from all other fixed freestyle bikes.

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Mid-bottom bracket. Check. Nice chainstay bridge. Check.


Wide-rear and a laser-cut brake bridge. So what’s the big deal? This looks like a normal Launchpad. Except with a new transparent blue clearcoat.


Oh. There it is. The rear is spaced 130mm. Those extra 10mm makes your bike more efficient when pedaling. Think about it. Everyone’s chainlines are fucked up from running BMX cranks and big tires. Traditional track bikes (and tarck) is 120mm rear. If you look at most chainlines, they’re all off. This resolves that problem.


Not only does it make for a better chainline but that extra spacing really widens the rear triangle out. Leave it to a MTB company to really drive it home! Nice work guys. No word on production yet but BMW’s all about on-offs!


And it’s a nice looking bike! This one’s going to Jeremiah at Hold Fast. He’ll have it with him at Interbike, so come check it out! I took a few more photos and they’re up on my Flickr.

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