Brooklyn Goes Wild


Brooklyn Goes Wild


Today was kinda nuts. I rolled around with a battery that was almost dead which limited my potential for A Day in 10 Photos entry. Instead, I’ll just give you a little story on what was going on here. I swung through Affinity on my ride home from my old architecture office and heard all this commotion. We all ran down the street to find a Chinese woman hanging on the side of this Jeep. What erupted after wards was much more “old New York” than people in this neighborhood (myself included) is used to seeing. The girls in the Jeep freaked out, busting out of the car and started attacking the Chinese woman. Allegedly, the girls in the Jeep skipped out on their bill. Who knows.

This was the first street fight I saw this Summer. Usually there’s one every other day. Times and the neighborhoods, are changing.