Brian Vernor’s Making Blog


Brian Vernor’s Making Blog


I’m going to be really honest here for a second. I get a lot of emails and with NAHBS approaching, the number has tripled. It takes me two hours each morning to go through them. So when I get an email from someone asking where to get massive prints made for a booth at NAHBS, I don’t even look to see who it’s from. It sucks, but it’s true.

Then last night, I met up with up with people from Colorado, some friends from NYC and Brian Vernor from Santa Cruz. That’s when Brian sparked my memory. He was the one who asked where to get photos printed. I felt like such a jackass. How could I not have looked at who sent the email? Brian’s photos are phenomenal and the dude is so down to earth.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brian’s work, he shoots a lot of Rapha‘s photography and his recent entries vary from his recent trip to NYC to Rapha’s Continental series. If you don’t follow Brian’s blog, you should!