Brev.M Pedal Updates


Brev.M Pedal Updates

Brev M. has some more updated photos of their prototype pedals on their blog. These are almost in production and they had the following to say about them:

These beauties are perfect for toe clips and straps- including our double leather set up… just in case you’re wondering. They technically *will* work with some of the Hold Fast genre of straps, though they’re not really built for them… but, we know you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do (because we do it too).

We’re shooting for a price right in the $70 range, but with sealed bearings and the sweet lightweight design we feel like we’re practically giving them away! Sorta…

Stay tuned- we’ll update you all once we’ve got an ETA on arrival.

Check out the Brev. M blog for more information.

Brev.M Pedal Preview