Boone Technologies: Cranx! Machined Aluminum Bike Cranks


Boone Technologies: Cranx! Machined Aluminum Bike Cranks

Boone Technologies, makers of the 1990s “Twist” cranks and other cycling components, have been making titanium singlespeed cogs and rings for a while now but they just announced their new aerodynamic Cranx! machined aluminum cranks. Here’s the product blip from Boone:

These are a new set of cranks that we’ve developed that are CNC machined out of billet aluminum. The unique curve of these cranks not only provides excellent aerodynamic drag reduction but also looks great on any bike. They are available in polished finish These cranks weigh in at 245 grams per arm and measure 175 mm (6.89 in) in length. The internal spline attachment we machined for these cranks is compatible with BB30 standard bottom brackets.

While these cranks aren’t as wild looking as the Twist cranks, they are a very unique design. The price? $495 direct from Boone Technologies