BMX Union: TREE Bicycle Co and Overseas Production


BMX Union: TREE Bicycle Co and Overseas Production


Sometimes articles come up on blogs that reference my previous entries and the only way I find out about them is by looking at my stat trackers. BMX Union interviewed Sam from TREE about going overseas with their production recently and they even touch on the idea that Sam and Nathan discussed with me: a fixed line. Check out the excerpt below.

You mentioned that you would be getting into the fixie market a little more. I know Tree is already very popular among the fixie community. What are your plans for that?
Well, our Collet stem can run with them, and I want to do a fixed hub that is based off our Straight Pull hub. I don’t know, after we focus on BMX parts and some of our new stuff, maybe we will do some pieces here and there. I don’t have any plans besides those two things. Maybe make some handlebars further down the road. As far as fixed gear riding and BMX goes, I’m down with the guys riding fixed gear. I don’t care if they are riding a big bike, as long as they are having fun it’s cool with me. That’s what BMX is all about to me, ya know, just going street riding with your friends in the middle of the night and having all the experiences that come with that like running into cops, bums, girls on the streets or whatever. It’s just life experiences and your own personal experiences. I think it’s cool. If they want to do it like that, then more power to them. We can do our thing. That’s why we are making some things that work for their bikes. I think it’s cool they are having fun on their bikes.”

Read the whole interview over at BMX Union and my original post here.