BMW Launchpad and Clusterfork at Chari & Co


BMW Launchpad and Clusterfork at Chari & Co

Damn! Just missed this one. Well, not to plug Chari two times in one day, but they just got the first shipment in of Brooklyn Machine Work‘s new freestyle frame, the Launchpad. Combined with the Clusterfork, you’ve got one bomb-proof trick bike, handmade in Brooklyn.

Check the details below:

From BMW:

“The Launchpad” is our new “trick specific/700cmx/fixed freestyle” frame.

“The Launchpad” is going to be offered in long and short top-tube versions with the option of either a Mid or Euro bottom bracket shell with a 45×45 integrated headtube. Color options are black, red, and clear. The long version has a taller standover and slightly steeper HT angle than the short. Overall, the geometry of this frame isn’t a much of a departure from the “Gangsta”. This thing is more stout than it’s older brother and has ample tire clearance.

Geometry is as follows:

HT angle – 72.5(short), 73.5(long)
ST angle – 72
CS length – 15.75″ to 16.75″
BB drop – -2.40″
TT length (actual) – 21″(short), 22.5″(long)
ST length (c-to-t) – 16.25″(short), 18.5″(long)

Available now at Chari & Co. Talk about last-minute shopping sprees!