Billykirk 211 Bike Frame Pouch


Billykirk 211 Bike Frame Pouch

Before I get a bunch of people whining about the pricepoint of this, let me just preface this entry by saying that Billykirk‘s leather goods are never cheap. Regardless of the pricepoint, the 211 Bike Frame Pouch is a new product offered by the Minnesota-based company. All their products, including the 211 Bike Frame Pouch, are hand made in the USA by Amish leathersmiths. It looks really, really nice and if ballin’ out to the tune of $145 leather pouches is your thing, pick one up at Blackbird.

Does anyone make one in cordora? I’ve been using my Yancosaurus Chalk Bag everyday as a saddle bag, but a frame bag could also come in handy.

Via Hypebeast