Bikes in the Winter: Stayin’ Salty


Bikes in the Winter: Stayin’ Salty

Steady stayin’ salty. That’s the shitty thing about snow in cities. You wash your bike off each night and the next day, it’s a salty mess again. It’s usually not an issue for aluminum frames, but a steel bike (with a steel drivetrain) can get crusty. I usually overhaul the bb and cranks once a week to keep everything in working condition.

Last weekend, when I switched to a LSD / LHD, I got to adjust the new Profile Outboard BB cups. Pretty clever design. You simply set the bearings in the cups for whatever spacing you need. On a fixed gear, I run the drive-side slammed to the bearing and the non-drive with one cone spacer. This makes for a decent q-factor. Just make sure you install the BB tube spacer and shims when doing so or you’ll get a bit of pedal resistance!

Left Hand Drive Bruiser