Benny Gold: Exclusive Sag Life Bag Photos


Benny Gold: Exclusive Sag Life Bag Photos


Benny Gold @BennyGold recently worked with SAG on a redux to their popular Air Force 1 backpack. To help spread the word, he shot me over some exclusive photos and gave me the run-down on this special collaboration.

Check out more photos and information below!


Benny made the bag a bit smaller than the original Air Force 1, added pockets and incorporated special branding to fit within the label’s intent.


Inspired by the popular Shortys bag that everyone had in the 90’s, the Benny Gold bag has a removable front flap that holds a skateboard.


Loaded with custom labeling and his signature argyle bottom this bag is filled with detailing specific to the Benny Gold name. Retail is $220 USD.

Check out more photos and pick one up at the Benny Gold store!

Now the real question: where did you get that Team Z hat?