Bee0310: Kozo Backflip


Bee0310: Kozo Backflip

Photo by Bee0310

I’ve been saying this for some time now: all it’s gonna take are a few PRO BMX riders to get into fixed freestyle to really turn it up a notch. Most fixed freestyle riders weren’t pro bmx’rs. Some were and still are very talented bmx’rs but Kozo is the only one that comes to mind who can call himself pro. Dude came into the Japanese scene two years ago as “Japan’s secret weapon” and really put in work. Backflips and even tailwhips on quarters. I wonder if he could flair? He came close last year.

I also love how he rides a 26″ DJ frame and rides it fixed. There’s not much difference between it and most 26″ fixed frames. Before he was on 700c wheels and now he’s switched to 26″ wheels. Just imagine what would happen if Japan embraced pegs. Game over.