Beautiful Bicycle: Sarah’s Vivalo Special Track


Beautiful Bicycle: Sarah’s Vivalo Special Track


After running around today, I swung through Saint Cloud to see how Nick was doing. Sitting in the vestibule was this pretty pink Vivalo track. Not far behind it was the owner, Sarah. This Vivalo has been Sarah’s project for some time. She’d been saving her money and was finally able to pick it up from the shop last weekend. When I asked if I could shoot photos of her and her bike, she got nervous, so I just let her sit and talk about it as I walked around, snapping details.

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Lights and helmets (brakes too!) are mandatory in Melbourne so it’s not too out of place to see people’s nicer bikes dressed with safety features.


Can’t go wrong with a little Dura Ace!


The paint was just sparkling in the afternoon sun.


Friends and bikes. ‘Nuff said.


I think it’s a lovely ride and she seems to agree!