Ross’ 3Rensho International Keirin Champion Track Bike

This one’s been a long time coming. Ross’ stable is freaking insane. He’s got a Nagasawa track bike with dual brakes, a Richard Sachs cross bike, a Speedvagen cross bike and now this beauty is finally complete. If you’ve been paying attention to Fyxomatosis, since forever, you might recognize this bike. It was featured, a couple years back and shortly after, Andy sold it to Ross.

Gary Neiwand raced the International Keirin circuit and on his third revolution, Yoshi Konno built him this frame. It was a disaster. He didn’t want the low-pro geometry and the top tube was way too long. Yoshi disregarded Gary’s specifications and basically built what he thought was best. What did Gary do? He still raced the bike and still won. With drops. Typically, low-pros are raced with pursuit bars, not drops.

Amazing. You can see more on the story at Fyxo, but for now, let’s look at Ross’ build up. Below are specs and a video of Gary Neiwand racing during the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta.

Check out the Gallery by clicking the photo above, or click here to open a new tab.

Full build specs:

Hubs: Sunshine/Suntour with Nagasawa pantograph
Rims: Laced with Hoshi aero spokes to Araya carbon rims
Tires: Soyo Red tires
Headset: Hatta Swan
Bottom bracket: Hatt Swan
Drivetrain: Suntour Superbe Pro 13t cog, Sugino CHCD (carbon honeycomb core disc) crank, Izumi V chain,
Pedals: Suntour Superbe Pro
Post: Suntour Superbe Pro
Saddle: Flite carbon saddle
Cockpit: Nitto Pearl stem, 3ttt Moser bars