Justin’s Firefly Road

In all the time I’ve been posting about Firefly‘s work, I’ve never actually ridden one. It took me traveling to Australia to finally get the chance to ride a frame in my size and man, what a rocket. Let’s face it, Tyler and Jamie know what they’re doing. Their stainless and titanium bikes are awe-inspiring and that takes a special mechanic to do the build justice. Luckily, Justin knew where to go: Shifter Bikes.

Where do I begin with this bike? The Rotor Rings, affixed by the polished Hollowgram cranks? Or the entire group, which was polished by none other than Fyxomatosis? Then there’s the EE Cycle Works brakes with their made in America, tech aesthetic. As a complete piece of art, Justin’s Firefly is molten lava. See for yourself below!