Beautiful Bicycle: Jared’s Embrocation Parlee Z3


Beautiful Bicycle: Jared’s Embrocation Parlee Z3


Yeah yeah yeah, I know, “steel is real”. Well you know what else is real? Hand-building carbon fiber bicycles in the USA. I’ve been spending a lot of time at Parlee Cycles over the past few months for that “other project” and I gotta admit, I doubt I would have ever visited their facilities otherwise. It’s not that I don’t love what they do, it’s just their facilities are a good hike outside of Boston. The last time I was in Beverly at Parlee, I shot some photos of Jared’s new Parlee Z3 road bike. Matte black, massive (62cm!) and only weighing 15 lbs, this thing is stealth! Almost as stealth as the random Embrocation branding sprinkled throughout.

Check out more photos below!

If you want to know how these bikes are made, head over to Embrocation. I also took photos of this process. Maybe I’ll post them up some time. Jared’s also posted up some studio photos of the bike, so it’s worth checking out.

These photos are also on my Flickr!