Beautiful Bicycle: Jamie’s Hart Frame


Beautiful Bicycle: Jamie’s Hart Frame


Every builder starts somewhere. For some, it’s at Yamaguchi’s school and for others, it’s from a love of the bicycle and the desire to create one of your own. Joshua Kampa from Arc En Ciel has been tinkering with brass and steel for the past few months and while his first frame is in no way perfect, it’s a start of something new for Josh. His hobby is called Hart Frames and this is his first creation.

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This bike is for Joshua’s friend Jamie. It’s a classic road geometry with internal routing for a 3-speed internal hub.


While Josh is still working on fillet brazing and chasing pinholes but the frame has some very clean detailing. The seat tube cluster is very sexy.


And incredibly elegant.


The bottom bracket’s fillet brazing still has a few pinholes but as Josh’s first attempt at building a frame, I’d say it looks pretty good.


He’s working on the branding but this is the gist of it. Hart is his middle name and he’s always loved the look of antlers.


Once Josh puts a little more time into it, he’ll send it off to paint and eventually, he’ll build it up for Jamie to ride. That moment is when a builder learns the most from their process and I’m sure the anxiety is only superseded by his excitement to get it rolling. This was a pleasant surprise to find sitting in the back of Arc En Ciel during my Shop Visit. Hopefully the next time I’m in town there will be some progress!

Thanks to Joshua Kampa from Arc En Ciel for letting me shoot photos of this frame. Check out a few more at my Flickr!

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