Beautiful Bicycle: Ged’s Brooklyn Machine Works Launchpad


Beautiful Bicycle: Ged’s Brooklyn Machine Works Launchpad


When this came through my inbox yesterday, I was expecting something totally different. Ged is the UK distro for Brooklyn Machine Works and before I even looked at the attachments, I suspected a stock build: nothing special. Then I scrolled down and these handlebars were poking up at me…

Check the rest of this unique build below!


Here’s Geb’s email description for the inspiration behind this build:

“The bike is a BMW Launchpad frame paired with Gangsta forks. I wanted to
build a bike paying homage to the mythological ‘tracker’ bikes from the
’70’s. The kids over here pre bmx would build up bikes using whatever they
could find, usually racers, put knobbly tyres on and cowhorn handlebars
and then rag ’em around. Speedway was big back then on the telly and the
disc wheel is a nod to that era.”


“The bars were a nightmare to source ended up getting them out Peter the
pizzas skip in Bklyn! It’s got a coaster brake making them skids around the corners so much fun. Set up like a right mix and match just like the old bikes, 26″ rear slick
tyre with 26 1 3/8 front and cycle speedway knobbly.”

This bike is ridiculous to say the least. Thanks for sharing Ged!