Dan Chabanov’s Stanridge Speed Red Hook Crit Track Bike

In the waining hours of daylight today, I met up with long-time friend Dan Chabanov. In the past few years, I’ve watched and admired Dan’s progress as he’s grown to what I’ll call a professional cyclist (read: PRO). While he competes actively in the road circuits, Dan’s most known for being an ATMO racer. His past season for Richard Sachs earned him much-deserved respect in the cross circuits and I felt like, the whole time, I was living through reading his race reports on Bonedeth.

A few months back, Adam of Stanridge Speed offered to send Dan a Highstreet Low Pro to race at the 2012 Red Hook Crit. Knowing that Dan is of “racer pedigree”, Adam knew if he got his bike under his, well, uhh, taint?, he’d receive some great PR&D, as well as exposure. Let’s face it, the Red Hook Crit is the premiere track bike crit and Dan is indeed #fixiefamous. I shot this bike in very little light and complete darkness, all handheld, at apertures I’ve learned to avoid, so please excuse the shallow depth of field.

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