Beautiful Bicycle: Ben’s Tommasini MAX Road


Beautiful Bicycle: Ben’s Tommasini MAX Road


We’ve seen a few of Ben’s Columbus MAX bikes over the past few weeks. First up was his Mazza track and then his Peter Bundy triple triangle track made an appearance but his most kick-ass steed that I got to photograph was this Tommasini MAX road bike. Complete with outrageous paint and Campagnolo Titanium Record, you can’t go wrong with this bike.

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There’s no stopping that Italian stylin’ and Columbus MAX is the perfect canvas for this black base coat. Once it hits the sunlight, a bit of green shows through.


The bike got a flat before Ben brought it out to me but we photographed it anyway. At this point, my site location was a bit scarse since I already shot two bikes in the area, so we leaned it up against the Genovese van. If you wanna hear more on the back-story of the bike, head over to Grease Monkey! And be sure to see the rest of the photos below.

These are also at my Flickr!