Beautiful Bicycle: Alex’s Bianchi Super Pista


Beautiful Bicycle: Alex’s Bianchi Super Pista


Here’s the first Reader’s Rides submission that I ended up photographing myself. When Alex emailed me photos of his Bianchi Super Pista and its Fast Folks decal on the Hed3, I asked if I could link up and photograph his bike. After a few emails and texts, we linked up one afternoon. We hit that magic hour here in Austin, as the sun was setting over the downtown skyline. While I could have picked a more fitting backdrop, the empty lot on the east side of the city offered up an interesting contrast to his shiny and clean Bianchi Super Pista.

Check out more photos of Alex’s Bianchi Super Pista below!


Alex hit Meg up at Candy Cranks for a custom black and celeste chainring. Black SRAM Omniums with a carbon mask applied look sick as hell!


That ring, along with the read wheel, drives this baller-ass track machine. Custom-decals by Dino Carbon on Zipps to White Industry hubs!


Alex found a bootleg LV purse and covered his Charge Bucket with it!


The links are clean and that White Industries hub is shining!




A Vision time-trial cockpit puts it in the speed category.


Boy does that look nice!


And sure, the celeste is definitely over the top!


But every once and a while, it’s nice to mix up the content here. Alex is recovering from a knee injury and is dying to get on this bike and tear it up. I gotta say, out of all the bikes I’ve photographed, this one is by far the most color-coordinated.

Check out more photos on my Flickr! And Alex, rest that knee up homie!