Rapha’s Fixed Backpack

I can’t wear messenger bags for a number of reasons. Mostly because I’m not a messenger and I don’t need a massive shoulder bag to carry what I take with me on the daily commute. Also because resting all that weight on one side of my body results in reoccurring pain in my neck and shoulder.

It’d be nice if I didn’t have to ever wear a bag, but with all the crap I have to carry around with me on weekend rides, it’s necessary.

Rapha’s Fixed Backpack

A few weeks ago I was on the search for a backpack that was smaller than my big messenger backpack and easy to access. The thing that sucks about the deeper bags is that shit is always getting lost inside. A back or side access is key!

That being said, Rapha has introduced their Fixed Backpack.

Check out a few shots here, including details. Since it’s Rapha, the quality will be impeccable and well worth the $200 price tag. But what if you don’t have $200 to spend?

Manhattan Portage’s Ballistic Backpack

Here was my solution to the smaller backpack problem; the Manhattan Portage Ballistic Backpack.

What first struck me as awesome about this bag was the general shape. It’s not a typical schoolhouse Jansport like their other backpacks. It’s been designed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Manhattan Portage’s Ballistic Backpack

It’s got a large encompassing flap that covers the top. A number of pockets, access from the side and is treated to be water-resistant. I’ve been caught in enough rainstorms to vouch for it’s water-resistance. Keep in mind though, it’s not a messenger backpack, so I’m sure if you’re outside all day in the rain, it’ll leak. Then again, messengers usually need more space than 2500 cubic inches!

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a good backpack under $100 with details that work for most commuters, check it out!

[yes I paid for mine too – including NYC tax. It’s well worth it!]