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Back to Basics


I am tired of my Deep V’s. After riding them for almost 4 years, I’ve had enough. When I was looking for new rims, Drew from Milwaukee recommended the 700c Sun-Ringle Equalizer 23‘s. They’re a box-section 29’r rim with eyeleted spoke holes, welded seams [Velocity’s are pinned, not welded], no braking surface [!] and much lighter [almost half as light] than most deep-section rims. Add Profile fixed hubs to the equation and you’re rolling on a solid wheelset ideal for trick riding. The Price? About $60 per rim. You can ride your normal tires on these too. They’re no wider than any other 700c rim.

After riding them at the banks in Greenpoint last night, I noticed a huge difference. They handle better, feel much more solid and corner much tighter. The only comparison I can make were the wheels on my old Higgins path racer. Resilion track hubs to Mavic MA2’s. After doing some 180’s and other moves that put a great amount of lateral stress on the wheel, I’m certain that they’ll hold up well.

People always tell me that a “deeper rim is stronger”. That’s bullshit. If that were the case, DH MTBs, BMXs and other bikes that take nasty drops and other forces would be rolling on a deep section rim. Everyone doing anything on a bike where your wheels leave the ground often is usually on a box-section.

Hopefully more and more people will see this and begin to rock lighter, more durable wheels and not just focus on color-matching their rims to their grips.

I’m 100% sold on these wheels and will keep you posted on how well they hold up. Sorry for the shitty indoor picture. It’s been raining a lot!

thanks James for the correction on the rim model…